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Ron Kelemen, a certified financial planner in Salem, Ore., has spent 32 years helping people plan for and leap into retirement. Now, he has distilled the lessons from those decades into a terrific book: "The Confident Retirement Journey." Taking a conversational tone and moving briskly (the book is under 150 pages), Mr. Kelemen first asks readers to identify their vision for later life and then explains how to manage one's finances to make that vision a reality. Among the best features: Would-be retirees who want to know how much savings they will need can follow a nine-step process to calculate a "financial independence number." That's followed by good overviews of investing and estate planning. In all, a valuable road map.
— Wall Street Journal



 Albert Einstein said, “Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” Ron Kelemen helps us understand what we need to know for our own retirement journey, giving us the confidence we need to live a healthy and fulfilled life.
— Shep Hyken, New York Times best-selling author of The Amazement Revolution



These days, everybody wants to help you manage your retirement money. Ron Kelemen offers a plan to create a vision of success for the time of your life! A future-based, must-read book and a retirement road map for today and tomorrow.
— Tom Klobucher, CEO of Thomas Interior Systems, Inc. and author of The Great Workplace Revolution



If you plan to retire with confidence, let Ron Kelemen be your guide! The Confident Retirement Journey puts you on the right path to achieving the retirement of your dreams.
— Louis Barajas, author of My Street Money: A Street-Level View of Managing Your Money from the Heart to the Bank



Ron Kelemen has written a wonderfully practical and conversational guidebook on how to get from here to there. It's especially useful for those of us who may not yet be thinking about retirement, but have time on our side.
— Kelly Williams Brown, author of Adulting: How to Become a Grown-Up in 468 Easy(ish) Steps



A Smooth Read for a Smoother Future

Kelemen distills decades of advising experience into a concise, step-by-step guide for the lay person. He provides powerful examples from the experiences of his clients.  The book should be helpful to anyone in the working world as well as retirees. Even those in their 20s could benefit from learning how to think about the last third of their lives and what steps to take now to lay the groundwork.

This would be a great companion to working with a financial adviser and an essential guide for those not yet working with one. I appreciated the heads-up about cataloging my digital data for my loved ones, not just important papers. And one of my a New Years resolutions is to complete all the worksheets in the book.

This book isn’t just about money. Kelemen’s insightful questions and worksheets stimulate introspection about one’s purpose and goals.

— LV Gray, a reviewer who posted on Amazon.com on January 14, 2014

Kelemen, 62, does a good job of curbing noise. His book is full of handy worksheets and step-by-step instructions on how to estimate future expenses in retirement, Social Security claiming strategies and setting goals for your 'second half.'
Brent Hunsberger, The Oregonian



The Confident Retirement Journey, by Ron Kelemen, is a fantastic resource. He lays it all out, using charts, checklists, resources and clear narrative, to help you through the confusion. Thank you, Ron, for helping people in such a significant way during such a challenging life stage.
— Michael F. Kay, CFP®
Author of The Business of Life: An "Inside-Out" Approach to Building a More Successful Financial Planning Practice



Most people spend more time planning their next vacation than they do retirement. Ron Kelemen can show you how to start planning for the rest of your life so that every day is a new adventure. The Confident Retirement Journey offers proven strategies that anyone can adopt. Don’t delay taking that next step and buy this book today!
 — Sue Stevens, CFP,® CPA/PFS, CFA
Author of Radiant Wealth
Former-Director of Financial Planning at Morningstar



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Ron Kelemen’s independent thinking and guidance in The Confident Retirement Journey are especially important for those who are trying to establish a solid, worry-free retirement.
— Dan Sullivan, Founder of Strategic Coach® and coauthor of The Laws of Lifetime Growth



 A wonderfully easy read with lots of practical and helpful information. I am in my 40s and everyone says to save for retirement, but how much? How do you balance lifestyle today with that savings? The book provides not only the practical part of just how much I ought to save, but made me analyze what I want to do in retirement. Time is precious and this was time well spent.

BJ, a reviewer who posted on Amazon.com on December 29


 Retirement advice streamlined and localized.

--Statesman Journal, July 26, 2014

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