The Confident Retirement Journey

Chapter Synopsis


1.   “The Retirement Landscape” Things you should know about the six major landmarks affecting any retirement 


2 “What’s Your Retirement Vision?” The importance of having a retirement vision.  A worksheet to establish one, and four very important questions. 


3. “Where Are You Now?” Simple worksheets to help you understand your net worth, expenses, and potential unknowns the “Confident Retirement Journey Way™. 


4.   “What’s Your Number?”  The six drivers that determine retirement calculations.  A unique worksheet with tables puts them all together to give you an approximation of how much of a nest egg will you need. 


5.  “How Do You Get There?” An analysis of the five options to help you reach your retirement goal.


6.  “Putting Your Financial Independence Assets to Work” Discussion of risk, basic investments and strategies with historical information.  Suggested allocations for different stages of life.  Social Security strategies.


7.  “Dealing with Detours” Strategies to deal with some of the personal and financial setbacks in retirement, such as health, long-term care, dementia, boomerang children, procrastination, and financial noise.


8.  “Beyond the Horizon” The tradeoff between retirement security and leaving an inheritance.  Basic estate planning strategies to make your intentions happen. An important discussion about digital assets.


9.  “Let The Journey Begin”   A framework to help you integrate your goals, obligations, resources, external variables, family dynamics. 


The Appendix has useful worksheets, forms and a listing of Internet resources. 


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